Black_Lesbians_in_the_70s_Zine_ImageBlack Lesbians in the 70s Zine

The Black Lesbians in the 70s Zine is a fundraiser for the Lesbian Herstory Archives, the oldest and largest lesbian archive in the world. It is a collection of clippings from the African Ancestral Subject Files in the collection. Each page turned brings you to a year in the decade of the 70s.

SiteImageLouisLouis Armstrong and His Women Zine

Full-Color Zine with images of the world, told from the voice of Louis Armstrong’s wife, Lucille, about his mother Mae Ann. Created for the Louis Armstrong House and Museum Residency.


SiteImage4Queer Housing Nacional Zine

The Queer Housing Nacional Zine is based on the radicalization of queer culture and its imprints on gentrification. It is personal reflection on the creation of the Queer Housing Nacional Googlegroup by its founder.


Spaces of Faucets ChapbookSiteImagefaucets

On Sex, Grandmothers, Garifuna, Lesbianism, the Clitoris.



DoorsClosed ImageDoors Closed; Eyes Opened Chapbook

Collection of Prose on being a black Lesbian, relationships, love letters.


See all Lambey Press Publications at  on Square Market

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