Book Reviews

These reviews/recommendations came forth because the publishers agree that one accessible magical moment exists when a reader recognizes parts of herself within the pages of a book. Whether as the protagonist or a peripheral character, knowing that any aspect of her experience is immortalized in print can elevate a reader’s self-esteem as she considers her life a little more worthy of documenting than two chapters before that moment. Legacies of systematic/perfected institutionalized white supremacy, and his offspring, male chauvinism include the silencing of non-white and non-female voices resulting in a veritable erasure of the people behind those voices, except as convenient caricatures that fit into narratives that affirm white supremacy and/or male chauvinism. The publishers are not claiming that the selected books are so radical as to depart from other intellectual products by people who have written through centuries of such erasure; only that we recognize ourselves in these publications, think they are worth reading and, for our Librarian colleagues, accessioning.




Book Review of Loving Her by Felene Cayetano

Book Title: Loving Her
Book Author: Ann Allen Shockley
Publisher:Northeastern University Press
Pub Date: Oct 1994
Paperback: 187 pages
ISBN: 1555533299



Botánicas on my Coffee Table — READ BOOK REVIEW HERE

Book Review of Botánicas: Sacred Spaces of Healing and Devotion in Urban America by Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz
Book Author: Joseph M. Murphy
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi
Pub Date: February 5, 2015
Paperback, 212 pages
ISBN: 1628462078
(Preface and acknowledgments, a note on the text, introduction, 145 color photographs, glossary, bibliography, index. $40.00 hardcover.)